Happy Clients

From the packaging, to the handpicked fragrances, Front & Scenter's candles are uniquely different from your typical store bought variety. I have personally purchased the “Prince Charming”, and was amazed by the candles slow burning wick, which filled my living room with a pleasantly amazing scent for hours on end.  I would suggest Font & Scenter’s candles to anyone who is looking to set a unique ambiance in their home.

— austin | @audy_boaz

Front & Scenter has become one of my favorite candle lines! It burns for hours and adds a nice smell to any room!

— ashley | @thebeauteguru




I love Front & Scenter! I ordered the limited edition BFF gift box. The scent "Baecation" is delightful, and the packaging was perfect. I will definitely be placing other order soon! 

— shea | @shea_alicia

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